Shizupack Nakahara factory

Shizupack Nakahara factory

IMA tea bag, large size drip coffee bags OEM.

Introduce machines for stick powder 6 stations, automatic carton packaging machines, we are also facilities crusher, OEM processing can stick powder filling, also OEM milling.

Since its founding in 1975, Nakahara factory is engaged in OEM processing tea bag packing stick, the OEM air jet milling.

Mainly, IMA tea bag, tea bag with yarn, gauze flat tea bag, tea bags standard, OEM processing large bag filled with drip coffee, Nakahara factory, and even engaged in machine Mutsure stick powder, the powder milling OEM .

IMA tea bag is attracting attention as a tea bag to make a relatively low cost. IMA Tea Bag The origin of the name is given in terms of machinery, developed by Italian machinery manufacturer company called IMA.

Very expensive, is a high-performance machine, it has not been used only a handful of units in Japan.

Including green tea, Nakahara factory, we also process OEM IMA tea bag packing tea, and Chinese tea.

We have been processing a variety of drip coffee bag processing, automatic carton filling process Stick powder, processed tea bag packing triangle pieces, fine milling, and processing setup.

Support organic JAS, HACCP system as well.