Shizupack Shintomi factory

Shizupack Shintomi factory

OEM & ODM processing tea bag packing tea, Chinese tea, herbal tea, coffee and green tea.

It is a plant that has been certified organic JAS. Shintomi static factory pack, which goes to the heart of the tea bag packing OEM processing.

OEM packing is also available for organic raw material processing.

We are also OEM drip coffee filling process. We have exposure to practical's attention recently, it is drip coffee bag large capacity. Contents of drip coffee is 8 ~ 10g In general, static factory Shintomi pack, packing can be processed coffee in an amount of up to 15 ~ 20g content is possible.

Even ice coffee, coffee drip bag large capacity, you can extract the delicious coffee aroma and taste without being thin.

So we have to double curtains insecticide to prevent the intrusion of insects, we are committed to making higher quality products.