6 stations powder stick processing machine, which can fill fine matcha powder as well as tea and coffee.

IMA tea bag machines

IMA tea bags manufacturing machines.

Air shower installed

We are equipped with air shower for quality control.
In order to promote the eco society, we have set up a solar panel.
Triangular tea bags manufacturing machinery that have been individually packaged.
IMA tea bag, large size drip coffee bags OEM.
Introduce machines for stick powder 6 stations, automatic carton packaging machines, we are also facilities crusher, OEM processing can stick powder filling, also OEM milling.
OEM & ODM processing tea bag packing tea, Chinese tea, herbal tea, coffee and green tea.
Perform a variety of processing tea bag around the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture.
Toshinden factory mainly processes organic powder sticks.
It can be ground up to 20 micron for tea and coffee.
Shizupack Nakahara 2nd factory manufacture supplementary works.