Drip tea bags OEM

Drip tea bags OEM

Drip tea bag is getting attention as tea bag replacement for tea pot.

Drip tea bag is developed to provide easy and tasty drinking.

Because tea leaves cannot be filled if not fine enough for common tea bag, high quality tea leaves such as those of premium tea are not used in tea bag.  However, because drip tea bag can hold whole tea leaves of premium tea due to its unique shape, you can easily drink the tasty tea.

It can be used not only for Greet tea but also in many occasions for Red tea, Herb tea, Chinese tea and health tea, etc. The tea bag is made from ester material.  It can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide which is friendly to environment.  It is also transparent so that the original coloring of tea leaves can be seen.

Individual package type uses Nitrogen filling so remaining Oxygen is less than 3% and it can keep fresh for over one year.