Powder sticks OEM

Powder sticks OEM

Pulverized powder stick processing OEM.  Remaining oxygen is less than 3% and able to process 10-20 micrometer fine materials.

Powdered tea filling processing

Powdered tea is different from powder in instant food in that tea leaves are grinded using stone mill into powdered green tea or grinder into tea powder close to powdered green tea.  Powdered tea stick processing is different from instant powder and requires high level technology.

The strength of Shizupack in sticks processing;

Shizu-Pac stick holds technology that allows processing stick powdered tea with powdered tea or powdered green tea particles smaller than 20 micrometer.  Clean room equipment also ensures safety.  Because of ultra low Nitrogen replacement ratio in the filling process, powdered tea though easy to oxidization can be reliably manufactured and it earned high customer satisfaction.  Also, because it allows for small lot production, a variety of small lot OEM is possible.

Organic JAS sticks processing;

As popular organic food, powdered tea is grinded with tea leaves kept intact.  Shizupack also produces organic JAS tea leave stick.

HACCP Compliance

With production line that has obtained HACCP certification, Pulverized powder tea and materials are processed close to food.  It can handle large lot goods.

Sticks processing for materials with strong aroma.

By specializing in individual rooms, we are responding to customer need for goods with increasingly usage of aromatic materials.