Drip tea bags OEM

Drip tea bag is getting attention as tea bag replacement for tea pot.

Cone style drip coffee bags OEM

Cone type of drip coffee bag is not yet well know but would be the one for customers looking for.

Compatible smart phones & tablets

Shizupack Company web site is now compatible smart phones and tablets.

Individual trianglar tea bags machines

Triangular tea bags manufacturing machinery that have been individually packaged.

Double-filtered drip coffee bags OEM

No need to worry about spilling coffee beans out of bags. It is double filtered drip coffee bags.

Drip coffee bags OEM

Standard type drip coffee bag which is convenient and easy to use.  It can be produced in small lot.

Shizupack Nakahara 2nd factory

Shizupack Nakahara 2nd factory manufacture supplementary works.
Shizupack support organic NOP (National Organic Program) in order to export products to the United States from Japan.

Individual triangular tea bags OEM

A triangular tea bag packing, processing nitrogen-filled type.

About us

Shizupack is a company founded in 1975 OEM & ODM for processing tea bags and sticks, also blending raw materials.

Shizupack History

 We have more than 40 years history of tea bags, coffee bags and macha sticks OEM.

IMA tea bags OEM

Tea bags are manufactured using the machine by the prestigious Italian company IMA.

Kosher Certificattion

Shizupack has been certified Kosher for tea bags and powder sticks.

Organic JAS certificate

Organic JAS is a certification represents Japanese Agricultural Standard maintained by Japanese government.

Fine grinding machines

It can be ground up to 20 micron for tea and coffee.

Fine powder stick processing machines

6 stations powder stick processing machine, which can fill fine matcha powder as well as tea and coffee.

Shizupack Shintomi factory

OEM & ODM processing tea bag packing tea, Chinese tea, herbal tea, coffee and green tea.


Chamomile is relaxing herbal tea.

Grinding OEM

Grind processing of Green tea, Red tea, Coffee, Herb tea and Chinese tea to 10~20 micrometer.

Shizupack Toshinden 1st factory

Toshinden factory mainly processes organic powder sticks.


Please click here for the information of Shizupack Company.

Shizupack Nakahara factory

IMA tea bag, large size drip coffee bags OEM.
Introduce machines for stick powder 6 stations, automatic carton packaging machines, we are also facilities crusher, OEM processing can stick powder filling, also OEM milling.

IMA tea bag machines

IMA tea bags manufacturing machines.

Shizupack Fuji factory

Perform a variety of processing tea bag around the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Triangular tea bags OEM & ODM

Shizupack proposes several kinds of tea bags OEM.

On-type drip coffee bags OEM

On-type drip coffee for use on top of the cup.  It gets high-end features.

Powder sticks OEM

Pulverized powder stick processing OEM.  Remaining oxygen is less than 3% and able to process 10-20 micrometer fine materials.

Elder berry

Elder berry is like deep flavor like red wine.

Balloon tea bags OEM

There are only two packing machines existing processing balloon tea bags in Japan. 

HACCP Certificate

HACCP Certified by Shizuoka Pref.